Wasabi Media group is a Toronto-based event production agency that came to us with
an identity crisis. They were lost in a sea of competition and in need of a branding overhaul.
They wanted something that represented them now as a company and would
best position themselves for the future.

Rockstar Status

Wasabi began as a signage company specializing in vinyl applications. After seeing a need in the market for expert branding and graphics producers, the company shifted focus towards the event and experiential industries. After some research, we noticed that Wasabi had many things going for them.

First of all, they worked with some of the coolest clients on the planet! Secondly, they specialize in producing some epic events. We wanted to highlight these key differentiators and give the Wasabi brand the facelift it rightfully deserved.

Wasabi Website

Wasabi Facelift

The new brand identity is a tribute to Wasabi’s humble beginnings as a sign shop. The shapes forming the “W” character pay tribute to fluorescent tube (or neon) lighting that businesses use to proudly display a brand.

Wasabi Logo Light

The Result:

The company is now positioned exactly where they need to be. Sales have doubled, and everyone’s happy.

Wasabi Website

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